The Boardroom Expo at the Vacation Inn Stevens Stage

The Boardroom Expo gets control the OC Fair and performance Center with seminars, autograph signings, and surfboards for sale at half-off retail rates. Whether that you simply a newbie or a experienced shaper, this expo experience it all. Numerous board-related booths and seminars will keep you occupied for days. And also, you’ll have plenty of time to check out the newest trends in the marketplace.

The Boardroom Expo certainly is the place to become if you’re preparing an event designed for board-related businesses and want to match industry trends. Its area, the Holiday Resort Stevens Level – Tradition Centre, may be a prime location for any board-related event. The Holiday Inn Stevens Stage has 37, 000 square feet of conference space and can accommodate approximately 300 people. Here, you can network with fellow web entrepreneurs and learn about the latest styles in the boardroom sector.

The Boardroom Consumer Trade Show will feature a tournament for the best surfboards in various designs and designs. Producers will be given an individual entry into the competition annually. Winners in each category will probably be selected by a distinguished -panel of idol judges. In addition to surfboards, The Boardroom might feature displays and demonstrations from the world’s leading suppliers of surfboards. In addition to the competition, you can see art and music and meet other viewers at the expo.

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